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Tips for you

Tips for you

And when it comes to portrait, let’s talk about details.

They show you, not less than the eyes do, and tell the story


When you look good you feel confident and relaxed. This is the rule.

The main thing that makes you look good is your excellent mood.

the other things are secondary but we still will not ignore them


–  the dose of makeup should be just an addition to your natural beauty. Do not hide yourself under the make-up

–  powder and lip gloss should be at hand (men can ignore this…)

–  as hands are often involved, think about your nails too

–  accessories such as rings, bracelets, brooches, belts, watches, scarfs, caps, hats, glasses etc. can create the unique you if played in tune with the main clothes.

–  avoid clothes with writings on, as well as multicolored or clothes you do not feel comfortable in.

–  do not be afraid of small pimples or scratches, I have a magic tool that will hide them

–  do not hesitate to ask if you are in doubt. It is always easier to get ready before than during