» Why choose us

Why choose us

A very special experience
Taking a photosession with a professional photographer is an experience in itself. It is unique and tailored specifically to you. Think about this: many will never experience it in their lifetime! Taking a session together with your beloved ones or friends multiplies the fun.
We promise to make every minute of your experience enjoyable and memorable. We make sure that you feel comfortable, relaxed and easy before during and after the event. The quality images you will receive will be getting you back to the warmness of the moment for many many years to come.

Professional results
A picture is like a book – it tells a story. Many can write stories. Only a few write those which touch and impress us. It is not about the tools. It is about talent, dedication and experience. It is about perfection in every little detail – the tiny reflection in the eye, the play of light and shadow on the body, the perfect balance between blurriness and crispness. It is also about knowledge – the use of right tools and techniques, understanding the color behavior on the screen and on paper, the list goes on… Our customers say, we have what it takes to make great works. Trust us telling your story, and we will put all our top of the range tools and passion at your service.

Advice, guidance and help
Some of our customers know exactly how they have to look on the final image, but the most would ask us for advice on anything from what to wear to where to hang the prints. We can help select the clothes that highlight your best features, we help find the right pose which tells your story, we aid in finding a great location for best scenery. We even provide a number of accessories which make images more playful and expressing. The last, but not least we gladly share great spirit and positive energy to charge the atmosphere.

Flexibility and Convenience

We know you have many things taking up your mind and therefore we want to remove any hassle from organizing a photosession with us. Everything is possible: we are ready to work with you on weekdays and weekends, mornings, days and evenings; in our studio, at your home or office, or other places. Contact us and we’ll work together on the best solution for you.

Money back guarantee
Trust and satisfaction of our customers is our top goal. Therefore, we promise that if you are not 100% satisfied with the results, you won’t pay a cent for our work.